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The Sub-Tite Cable Clamp
"Better and Safer Than Tape!" An innovative and easy-to-use cord management and fastener tool!

The Sub-Tite Cable Clamp is specifically designed for holding wires to the well pipe and keeps the wiring centered in the well casing along the entire drop pipe. It comprises a first clamping member and a second clamping member configured for interlocking around the outer surface of the drop pipe and helps prevent wire damage.

Sub-Tite Cable Clamp

  • Designed specifically for use with 1" and 1.25" OD Drop Pipe

  • Easy to install within 30 seconds compared to tape that can take up to 2 minutes enabling professionals in the well industry to secure wires 2X faster

  • More reliable then cable tie, or tape which is probably the most common cause of broken or damaged pump wire

  • Constructed with food and drink safe HDPE plastic, known to not transmit any chemicals into foods or drinks

  • Self-aligning, self-adjusting and self-locking technology. Help prevent wire damage

Why Use Sub-Tite Cable Clamp
Learn why it really is "Safer and Better Than Tape!"

Save Time and Money!

The dual locking design of the Sub-Tite Cable Clamp is both protective and efficient. With a simple snapping motion, the clamp is attached 4X faster then tape, which saves you time during installation. Plus, because of its secure hold, it doesn’t need to be replaced as often as tape, which saves you even more time and headaches in the long run.

Safer and Better Than Tape!

Hold Cables Better!

Constructed with durable, high-quality food and drink safe HDPE plastic, it features self-aligning and self-locking technologies. The U-shaped groove located on the inner surface of the first clamping accommodates one or more wires having the same or different sizes, which are then held securely by the second clamping member.

Secures Wires to Pipe!

Keep Pumps Clean!

Electrical tape is the most common way to attach wires to the well pipe. However, inadequate taping leads to poor support of the wires down the well. If the wires are not taped securely along the full drop of piping in the well, problems arise. Poor taping is probably the most common cause of broken or damaged
pump wiring.

No More Tape Clogs!