Introducing Sub-Tite
Cable Clamp

"Better and Safer Than Tape"

An innovative and easy-to-use cord management and fastener tool!

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SAFER Than Tape

FASTER Than Tape

Designed to Work in any Weather Conditions

Won't Cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

We’d love to hear from you! Share your experience and testimonials on our Sub-Tite Cable Clamp. Your feedback helps us to improve our customer experience and give an insight into our product from a first-hand perspective!

My name is Rick Spann owner of Service Pump Co., I have been in the pump industry for 35 years and I have been using the Sub-Tite Cable clamp for over two months now. The time and money we are saving and the fact that we are no longer using pipe tape with its harmful chemical has enabled us to give our customers the high quality products and services they expect.

Services Pump Company

We are always looking for better products and when Product Depot introduced us to the Sub-Tite clamp we were willing to give it a try. After a little prep work separating the male and female clamp my technicians were able to complete the job easier and faster than with tape. Now we will never use tape again and my employees couldn't be happier.

American Well Drilling & Pump Service

John as I have said to you before. The well clamp you invented is right on point. We have needed something like this for a long time. As you know we sell 150 well pumps a year and have already started including the clamps along with the pumps. Imagine providing a cleaner environment and better water table for my customers. Dan Wheat Sr. A to Z Supply.

A to Z Supply

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